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January 14th to February 14th, 2022

Expressions Art Gallery

  • Download the exhibition booklet here
  • View the interview with Telescope Info here


  • Does Anne-Isabelle have any artwork available?

Yes! View all available pieces here. Do not forget to check back in as the collection steadily grows. Instagram and Facebook are the most up-to-date platforms to her work.


  • Can I commission a painting from Anne-Isabelle?

Yes… Note that Anne-Isabelle does not do reproductions or paintings from a picture or portrait. Contact her here to discuss what you would like to commission and how feasible it is. The minimum size dimensions for a commission are 45×45 in (1m15 x 1m15). Custom dimensions are welcome and can be ordered at any size for specific large walls.

Art is very personal and subjective for both the client(s) and the artist, so in the event that a commissioned artwork is not claimed it will be released to the open market and/or the galleries. This system allows Anne-Isabelle to always paint what she wants without sacrificing the surprises inherent to the creative process.

For a commission, typically clients will suggest a subject, and palette preferences as well as the size. Anne-Isabelle does not accept all subjects or palettes but is happy to hear what you have in mind!


  • Does Anne-Isabelle sell prints of her work?

Not at the moment, but feel free to check back as this may change!


  • Does Anne-Isabelle ship her art internationally?

Yes! Anne-Isabelle has been shipping canvases around the world. If you are interested in acquiring a piece, contact her to discuss the shipping method, payment and options available.


  • How long does Anne-Isabelle take to complete a painting?

Since the artworks are large and require research on the subject, a painting takes a few weeks to plan, and several months to complete.